Tuesday, April 28, 2009

last post.. for now

So alright this will be my last post for this holidays. And i dont know if ill be back blogging durring the school term. But ill try, cant promise anything :)
But yes, i have to say, this holidays has been: here and there. Such a shame it has come to an end, and No, i am not looking forward for school, as school will only bring burden and depression.
Darn youu school worrk !

Well recapping on the few days i missed out on blogging.
I have been playing DMC3most of the time, and yes ihave been going over one hour.
And yes, i do owe my sister a lot of cashh! SIGH*
cant wait for the next holidays, im going to freaking stay up all night playing dmc3.
arghh. i was so depressd as my sister told me to stopp playing, my time was up, and it was right at the beginning of a boss fight! Such a vrazy betch (the boos) Argghh. So annoyedd!
I want more redd orbs! har harr !
I love dmc, except for dmc2 i havnt played it, well everyones saying its not that good, compared to 3 and 4 ahah ! So its all good ;)

But yes, on monday, i decided to bgra another clear casting resin kit and Daryl was with me :)
So good! Newtown with my hunny.
It was funn and tiring, a lot of walkingg. And it was freezzing, gawd darn coldness.
And we ate in a thai restaurant. Daryl ate all my food, i was so full! Darn servings, SO BIGG!
It was good though. What did i order again? Pad thai Yeap Pad thai!
So nice and Daryl ordered something Pad as well! Pad ki mao? No no, i dont think it was that, but something "Pad"! ahaha
Then we found a cool spot, we organised what i was going to do to celebrate my birthday.
Its still pending, cause i havnt asked my parents, or consulted my parents. So im not sure yet!
Arghh birthday on saturday? Shet! Thats awesome :) Ill be expecting 18 presents guyyss!
And we did a lot of window shopping and a lot of art shopping.
Ahhh, thank you K.RUDD! You and your stimulus package! Cant wait to buy more art goodies :)

Oh with the new resin kit, i did it with ACCURATE measurings *cough keviin!*
And it worked. ahah im so happyy. i made myself a ringg! A clear ring. so cool!
Now i need to make a cube mould, out of MELAMINE WOOD!
Yeap, im going to handle wood in my boddy of work! Its the sheettt!

I HAVE AN ART ESSAY DUE TOMRW! And i totally forgot about it, well maybe not forget, just ignored! But still. its due tomrw, and i havnt started!
Well im starting it now, but its not going greatt! Like arghhhhhhh
And my ecoa rticle assignment, its not going great eitherr! WHAT DO I DO! Fark shet face, muther farking shet! Sigh* So depressing.
Oh well, i better think up a good excuse for tomrw! And hopefully it works.
Man im stil in my holiday mode! I an not ready for school!
I souldnt be blogging, i should be getting my essay done. sighh! But im nearly done, so its good :)
I CANT SLEEP! I wont be able to sleep till 3 am, then i have to get up @5am to get ready for school! I am so dead! And tomrw will be like super cold, lowest temp is 9 degrees. sigh*
Better pack in a lot of clothes. ahah !
This should be it:)
Btw, i am still inlove with Alex Meraz.

Until next time: "Bye for now, but not forever"

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