Friday, April 24, 2009

NEW MOON LADS: lovely !

Alright, this is the time were the werewolf will take over the world! It is their time to shine, and they will definately shine! I can feel it!
Screw vampires, vampires can kiss my arse!
Here comes the werewolves! So alright, i imdb'd newmoon, and i found out who is playing Paul in Newmoon, and i gotta say, I LIKE IT! I like it a lot! ;) I cant stop looking and staring at the picture of ALEX MERAZ!
Yeap, if anyone knows who Alex Meraz is, he is playing the character of Paul in the new up coming sequel Twlight: Newmoon.

A little information about Alex Meraz:

Alex Meraz, 10 January 1985, of the Purepecha (Tarasco) First Nation of Michoacan, Mexico was born and raised in Mesa, Arizona. There he taught at schools and community centers throughout the Phoenix Metropolitan area in all aspects of art from mask-making to break dance. As a graduate of the New School for the Arts, Alex has since further developed as a multi-faceted performer and artist. For 12 years Alex studied mixed martial arts, winning numerous tournaments in karate and capoeira, which led him to train with Andy Cheng as a stuntman. Highly sought after in the indigenous dance world, Alex has worked as a lead dancer with renowned choreographers Raoul Trujillo, Rulan Tangen, and Santee Smith, to name a few. Among his many accomplishments, he is also a founding member of Dancing Earth, directed by Rulan Tangen. His notoriety with Dancing Earth earned him the honor of being hand-picked for a troupe selected to represent the U.S. in a performance for the Royal Jordanian family in Amman, Jordan. With a vast range of talents, Alex’s skill in acting and the performing arts has allowed him to work alongside Colin Farrell, Christian Bale, and Director Terrence Malick.

So alright, he has the looks, the body, the flexiblity and martial skills! Like dude!

The La Push boys:

Paul (Alex Meraz) , Sam (Chaske Spencer), Jared (Bronson Pelletier), and
Embry (
Kiowa Gordon)

I am definately liking this casting :)

And also must not forget Taylor Lautner is still our Jacob Black

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