Thursday, April 23, 2009

Art shopping + A day with daryl

Okay lets start with wednesday, a day out with Noel to Newtown.
Ahaha, it was a good day, such a bummer though, weird weather, pms-ing on us.
It was sunny then ugly, sunny, sunnnyy then uglyy. Arghhh. BUM BUM
but besides that, we went art shopping, well our puspose on going to newtown was art suplies shopping. But we ended up raping cd stores! ahah
Noel you dope, go easy on buying cd's ! SILLY ! It was a good day!
We went, vinniees, Man i love vinnies, especially when i find good clothes. ahah
Such an awesome placee :) But i prefer to go vinnies with my sister. lols.
And Noel, sorry for brining you into a girly shopp. Hey at least you put on an "im interested face" ! Ahaha :)
And after finding were Barnes is, and bought myself a clear casting starter kit only for 15 dollars! Its pretty good :)
So after i bought the resin, i went back to ashfield and decided to over kevin's place. Ahah thank god he was home. And we decided to make a resin! But we failed, i think. Well i left the mould and resin at his place, and dont knoww if its cured and his some where partyiinngg wihile my resin is all alonee ! :( gawd darn kevin. har harr!
And went home to get my brother giving me the news that he saw NACHO POP!
LOL! Arghh it was insane! I want to see him, bladyy brotherrr :(

Now on with thursday. Another outing, but its with my Daryl!

Today is the day i went over to my second home, second hmm i think its second. LOL! Yes it is!
As always i was late, well wasnt that late! Just 30mins late, thats not that late, i think! And i had such a bummer STOMACH ACHE! arghh i hated itt. such a loserr tummyy but Daryl rubbed it and made it feel better! Oh Daryl, what would happen to me when your gone! " Dead and gone"! But your not going to be dead and gone, i wont allow it! Leave no man behinddddddddddddd !
Oh yes and Daryl, my handsome boyband, if your reading this: " I like your arms! tense for me, babyyy"

So yeah! Daryl thought me how to glide :) No wonder mine wasnt coming out right, im not letting my right foot down, ahah thats the reason why i wasnt moviinngg!
Thank you Daryl:) And he should me his tutting bussines! Silly tuttin ><
I WANT TO TUT! Why are can you do everything, Daryl! Arghh i hate youuu >=]
Wait No i dont hate youu! ;)
And yes, he made me lunch as always, ahah im going to make Nick jealous :)
Yummy lunch, thank you Daryl! Yummy chicken, thank you, Daryl! Yummy rice, thank you, Daryl! Yummy Daryl, thank you DARYL! ahah
And yes Daryl dropped me at the bus stopp, then I had to say goodbyee! argh arghh!

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