Tuesday, April 21, 2009

week two: holidays

Wow, so my bloggs have been active, but im afraid this blogg is going to die when school starts.
ahah :) But dont worry, another holiday will just be around the corner then BLOGGING, here i come! Well, week two of the holidays have been going smoothlyy.

Today went to burwood and watched Monster vs. Aliens! The movie is so good and still popular that my cinema was "sold out"

Wow! Its crazzyyy, so many kidss talking inside the cinema. hmm It was cutee thoughh!
Omg i love Benzonate Ostylezene Bicarbonate the mostt! I love that character! ahah
Besides that, ive got myself hooked into diablo II again.
sigh, i told myself i wouldnt but noooo !I faileeddd T_T
Oh well, need to get started with school work, so ive just been working on my B.o.W
I need ressssssssssssssiiiin !!
Noel and I are going newtown to shopp for art stuff! Aaha, so it should be good.
Hopefully they have resin thereee! PLEASEEEE have resinnn har har.

Alex Meraz, Tyson Houseman, Brandon Michael Vayda, Kiowa Gordon !
These are the love of my life, well not really. BUT CRUSH OF MY LIFE!
Ahaha :) Cant wait to see them! YUMM YUMMMMM
Brandon Michael Vayda- Such a hot namee! My son's having this namee!

Oh and another scaryy thing, some random person has been ringing me every early in the morning. Its scaryyy cause the number is overseas, somewere out theree!
OMG! What if its not on earth, like its an alien numberrrrrrrr. ARGHHHHHHH! SCARYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! :)
Oh well, as long as their not planning to take my family on hostage, ill be fine :)
But i guess if there planning to send Zac efron to my house, then i wont sleep, just to asnwer itt! AHAHA :)

Hmmmm! Gotta keep blogging babyyy :)
Even though no one read my shet, oh well! For future purposes!!

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