Sunday, April 19, 2009

i want sneakers, i want more shoes

Watching abdc has got me into sneakers. I want sneakers! I want to have a collection. Its killing me, watching episodes with them having different shoes everytime, how depressing.
Its depressing! They get to wear different shoes, while i wear same old, but cool, flats everytime.
I WANT MONEY! That's what i need, for me to get shoes, i need money !!
Wait, i need a job first. Or i need to make friends with rich people. har har.
LUCINDAAA! Come here, babyyyy :)
But yea, i cant wait to finish school, and be able to work. Yes, thats the only time i can work, my dad says "finish school first" even though my mum is telling to work now!
Siggh* I want to be like my sisterrr. Buying shoess every time she has moneyyy.
How great is that!
Okay, i think its lunch time. i know its like what 5.03 pm
hey i woke up late today alrightt!So this is my lunch! :)
Ill be arrr beee !! (BRB)

Okay im backkk! Well yeah. Speaking of sneakers collection look how sexy this collection is:

I want sneakers! My birthday is coming uppp. har har
And im thinking of shoes, lots of shoes, sexxyyy shoees :)

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