Sunday, April 19, 2009

"die another day" what a cool song

Well all right, I got in trouble from my sister for using the comp for 6hours straight for watching abdc, msn and facebooking. ahaha (stupiddd facebook, i blame facebook!)
Considering I cant do any Internet work, I just decided to work on yearbook layouts.
Just the profile pages.
I've come up with three, there not "oh so great" works, its just something random I came up with.
So should be all good, if you guys don't like it and have any queries or suggestion, the tagboard is there :) USE IT

Here are the links for the first 3 designs:

-Design One

-Design Two

-Design Three

Im just having dilemma's on what border is better? Is it too simple? Or childish? What font to use? Is the position of the school name good? Do you like it?
Is it even good, in the first place? Hmm, tell me what you think. Give me your thoughts, my lovelys :)

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