Friday, April 17, 2009

blog blog blogg !

Yea alright, this week hasnt been good for me. arghhh
I got sick by the way, how horrible is that. but like i got better the next day when my brother and i went for a "walkabout" ahah (if you've watched Australia, you would know the joke)
but yeah, i needed the newspaper for my economics assesment. sigh.
The first time i ever bought the paper"Financial Reviews" . I actually felt smart, holding the financil review paper. lol but yes, i probably wouldnt be able to uunderstand half of the thing thats being said. arghhh OH WELL!
Just get an article, annotate it and answer questions, i should be good right? RIGHT?
Arghh! How horrible.

And okay i went through my diary and found out i have like two, wait three assignments due when i come back from holidays! OHH EEMMM GEEE!
horrible? yes i knoww.
Oh well, need to start revising anyway for trials, since my school wants to be "cool" and be super early with all the shets. and my B.o.W, it needs to be like semi completed when i come back to school. shet farkkk mother of farkerr! I NEED RESIN! And a mould sighsighsighhh. farking lordd shett

But yeah, one good thing that happend to me today is, i tried to look for my game SotC:, mad rare game. And the only copy is in carlingford, hmmm now how to get there. ahah
Luckly my dad was kind and decided to go with me to carlingford. haha.
His going to shopp too ;) YAY! I can go shopping tooo. AWESOMEE!
Double awesome. but yes, i doubt ill get the game, i never have luck with me, all BAD!
But at least i tried, right? Thats good enough for me. ahah
Plus, i gotta concentrate on HSC year, right? Hmmm !
Yes i do :)

Btw, when school starts, yeah this blogg will die :)
But hopefully when holidays start again, ill will be back ! it will be on hiatus!
Everyone and everything needs a break !

Ohhhhh and im currently addcited to this song:
"How do you sleep" By Jesse McCartner ft. Ludacris
I am totally in love with that song :)
Arghhhh, orgasmicccc!?

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