Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Curse you English !

So alright, my day is going well so far, considering i had a shettty night last night.
Fark! Not until i woke this morning, something was burning, gave me the sneezing fit! Argh, not good. Oh and also, farking periods had to come early todayyy. Super early actually. Sigh
So yeah, cramps everywhere, fark cramps a betch!! Oh well, hoping i would forget about lastnight and do something cool, i decide to call kevin and ask if i could come over, ahah but that skank was still asleep, still asleep @1 pm. oh my farking goshh, tht boy can sleep! Dont worry, theres tomrw, har har. That skank better be awake! But then, that wasnt the worse bit. So now I was kind of happy cause i could stay home and watch a movie, Role Models babyyy, anyway, and thats when my farking Report came!

Arghhhhh, yes, as you can see the title of this blogg- ENGLISH ruined everything! Sigh*
Stabbbbbb english, stabby stabyyyyy !! But everything was good :)
But thats not the point, MY ENGLISH! Like what the farkkk
My pooooorrrrryyy ENGLISHHHHH !!

Oh another shetty thing, the america's best dance crew season2 download has finally finnished
but such a dissapointment, such a not so great season. A boring season T_T"
So depressing, plus, my off-peak usage is running out therefore i cant continue downloading my episodes! During off-peakk Arghhhh.

Oh another one: I am in such dilemma, wether to rent sotc or not.
My sister is saying no," No gaming" i need to get working on my B.o.W. but i want it.
its a rare gamee ! Siigh


But there are some good things:
Went to the city and watched 17 again, good movie, i LOVED IT! :)
I got a new mouse, finally, no farking ball
The stimulus package from Mr.Rudd is awesome
Stimulus package = body of work expenses YEAPPPIII !

Ps: Happppyyy Easstterrrr! (I know its late, but who cares!)

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