Thursday, April 09, 2009

Holidays, can you guys smell it?

Well today, my holidays has officially started, and im loveing it.
The first thing i did was SLEEP on the couch ! Oh you gotta love that feeling :)
Now, im planning to spend the rest of my night facebooking or watching tv shows!
I think im going to have a good holiday.

Oh yeah, i need a "what to do over the holidays" list, so i dont waste my time.
I like making lists, it makes my life less bludgy and so i dont waste time, some of your might be thinking... "bullshett!" well @some point you maybe be right, but it makes me feel better !
So bite me. But yes, my holidays would probably be just me and my body of work, on an island making love with each other while we eat BBQ and drink cocktails. Now picture that guys.
I want a holiday to some isolated island, that would be awesome and CALMYY! On an island with my super cool friends, wait actually, no, NOT WITH FRIENDS! Ahaha, im going there by myself.

I need to edit a new layout, hmmm should i work on that right now?
Okay, ill do it now!

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