Tuesday, April 07, 2009

2009- Welcome Back Blog?

Am i really bringing the sexiness of my blog back? Omg, well considering my last post, back in the 2007 days! Ill be blogging more, well occasionally ...while im bored and on holidays :)
How depressing, ahaha. OMG!

Probably, ill be cleaning up this blog over the holidays, just not now, or this week. Economics + maths exam =="
Yes yes, even though its the last week, teachers dont seem to have sympathy towards their students.. torture? sigh*

Oh, 8.00 tonight is that show about funny ads. Time to laugh like crazy :)

Wow, it really has been years since i've blogged and i dont even know how this bloggin works. Ahaha, im such a dope.

"you had me at hello..." -Hello by Beyonce
Nice song, cute song :)

I feel stupid doing this! I feel like im talking to myself, well im actually am. BUT SHHHH!
Hmmm, what should I say, well i had the biggest stax today, landed facedown, but my face didnt touch the ground! Yes :)
But I scratched my knee, it hurts. But im tank, so pfft ! I dont feel pain T_T'
Arghh, i want to blame Preetika, dont even have muscles or anything to PICK ME UP! Arghh! LOL
Funny fuunyyy fuunyyyy.
Should put this incident in the year book, "..remember when" section.
harhar !

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