Thursday, December 10, 2009

Already another item added to my christmas list. Sony Ericsson X1 !
And im really dying to have one of these. Well its kinda lame, the idea of me craving for one of these, but still! I think im in LOVE with Sony Ericsson.
Ah, I just have to say it, im totally inlove with Sony Ericsson and QWERTY!
mmmmm QWERTY PHONES are incredible!
Especially Sonny Ericsson; Xperia series.


Seriously, look at that! How sexy does it look. Very sexy.
mmmmm. I just dont know where to get them

Not only do i want this phone, but am also craving for a Banana Split Sundae- Max Brenner.
Like seriously, their sundaes are to die for. Would really want one or two right now. LIKE RIGHT NOW NOW. NOW. Actually anything from Max Brenner would be good.
Ahhhhhhh, yummmyy.

My god

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