Wednesday, December 02, 2009

laugh out loud @ these;

Ahh! Photo's like these just makes my day. You gotta love it right?
Too goood :)
I especially like it when they poke fun at Twilight, and you see the number of Twilight fans- TwiHards (especially girls) releases their inner monster as if they were affected by it. And rages at the person who uploaded that images or sad something bad about it. Ouch! Could it have really hurt them the bad? And also I really don't get what the beeff between Americans and Canadians.

Canadians are cool, I think, and so are Americans. Hmmm! Weird!

Ahh! Im really hoping I can go out today. First time at Kushal's place.
Should be good! So fingers cross that Im allowed! Yikes.

Happy 50th Birthday Mum

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