Tuesday, April 12, 2011

What gets me the most right now, is maxi skirts. I absolutely love them at the moment, I am always a fan of maxi dresses and all, and never thought of maxi skirts as part of my wardrobe, they are amazing. Just recently bought two from Supre online, they were the Chiffon maxi skirts. Simple and beautiful, the way I like it.
Amazing site that I came across Maxi skirts : http://2threads.com/article/trend-report-for-sheer-maxi-skirts
Especially with my ankle heel boots, oh they are amazing! Cannot wait for an outing. Outfit overload I say!
And it's great for this season, leading up to winter. I absolutely love it, cannot say more about it except for.. I LOVE IT! So glad I have them. 

supre sheer maxi

One of the skirts I bought. Was great, just need the right shoes, casual shoes for them
Check out the website on this post.

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